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The 9

The 9, is another one of Simon's builds. This time, he has got 3 sets of 3-cylinder engines (the old Kawasaki Triples!), in an uncommon set-up. There are three cylinders, behind another three, behind another three!

Nothing at all like other workshops..

  • We don't mind waiting

    Most workshops/offices/businesses close at 5 - meaning that the staff are ready to leave at 4:49, and out the door at 5pm sharp. We close at 5, but it doesn't mean we won't wait. Usually, after hours, one of us are tinkering with our own bikes, sitting and tidying, or just relaxing at work, so even you can't turn up' til 6pm, or 7pm, please feel free to ring, and we can make arrangements.
  • No time to get your bike MOT'd?

    As we all know, having an MOT is a legal requirement for a motorcycle older than three years old (if the bike is to be used on the road). Other workshops may do MOTs, but where do you go for an MOT if you can't get time off work, or can't turn up on Saturdays. We are one of the first workshops to offer an evening MOT service on various days. Book your bike in today, for an evening MOT, ensuring you don't need to take time off work.
  • Need a lift?

    You use your bike to get around.. You drop it off for a service.. Do other workshops expect you to fly home?! We can arrange to drop you off locally, or arrange a taxi - or if you like, we can collect your bike (free of charge if local!)

Our services

We're more than a simple motorcycle workshop.

  • Workshop Services - tyres, exhausts, servicing, reparis, etc.
  • MOTs - including some late evenings, and Saturdays - with a free retest
  • Special Builds - feel free to take a look at our projects for inspiration!
  • Tuning - including Dynojetting, Auto-tuning, and everything related
  • Refurbishment - that old motorcycle that you have sitting in the barn? or is it too old for other workshops to work on?
  • Specialist Services - we also offer welding, custom fabrication of parts and accessories, bead-blasting, and other metalworking services