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Accident Management and Repair/Breakdown Recovery

We also have an accident management side to the business - which is growing exponentially. In the unfortunate event, by law you need to inform your insurers that you have had an incident but are not obliged to use their accident management services. We offer a full in-house service, right from collection, through to estimate, repair and even delivery of your motorcycle back to you. Beacuse we are a small customer-driven business we will work to our best efforts, for your best interest. In most cases, the insurers keep salvage, as they may have contracts with some of the UK's largest salvage firms, who then go on to sell it for much more. By using us to manage your claim, you have a greater chance of securing salvage.

We work in partnership with New Law Solicitors, who specialise in motorcycle accdient claims, including financial loss, equipment damage and injury claims.

Local breakdown recovery

  • Rather than trusting your bike on the back of a truck, which was designed for carrying cars and vans, why not give us a call if you breakdown locally. With breakdown recovery charges starting at £20, it's probably worth your while to save our number on your phone. Our van is equipped to safely transport all motorcycles, with front wheel chocks that stabilise the motorcycle in transit. Being bikers ourselves, we all know what it is like to have your motorcycle breakdown; it is a rather disappointing and dreadful moment, but why call somebody who is well versed in cars, when you can have Hertfordshire Superbike Centre come and recover you. We can also bring tools/repair equipment, and so the issue could even be resolved roadside - but it is safer for you, the motorcycle and our staff if it was to be recovered to our state-of-the-art workshop premises and diagnosed/repaired at the workshop. So long as there are bikers on the road, Herts Superbike Centre is here for your assistance!
  • Repair, rather than replace..

    Other workshops would insist on replacing, even if there is minimal damage, and the part can be repaired; possibly due to the great profit margins the would get from buying the parts, and selling them to you. We are happier to repair the parts, when economically and practically viable, saving you time and money. However, if a part is beyond repair, we will not attempt to repair it, as your safety is of paramount importance to us. We have perfected various fairing repair techniques over the years, and also are happy for you to source parts and spares for us to fit.

Breakdown Recovery agents

  • If you do happen to breakdown further afield, and need to call an independent recovery agent, or one of the bigger nationwide recovery companies, you are more than welcome to have your machine brought back here and booked into the workshop, and we would also be able to drop you off to the local train station, so as you can continue your journey. If the repair can be carried out instantly, we are happy under exceptional circumstances to do so.
  • We're more than a simple motorcycle workshop.

    • Workshop Services - tyres, exhausts, servicing, reparis, etc.
    • MOTs - including some late evenings, and Saturdays - with a free retest
    • Special Builds - feel free to take a look at our projects for inspiration!
    • Tuning - including Dynojetting, Auto-tuning, and everything related
    • Refurbishment - that old motorcycle that you have sitting in the barn? or is it too old for other workshops to work on?
    • Specialist Services - we also offer welding, custom fabrication of parts and accessories, bead-blasting, and other metalworking services