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Been a while since we have posted, but all in good reason. As the summer picks up, the workshop gets busy. We’ve appointed a new general manager, and also opened a suspension room, as well as a paintshop.

Nevertheless, with the date of our next show, the Hoddesdon Classic Show, and getting nearer, we decided to take the 48 out of retirement and get it running again.

You may have seen our 48 at shows, during the eBay stunt where it was up for sale; MCN reported it too!), after it went viral when it was displayed for the McLaren Employee 2013 show or simply at the workshop proudly sat next to the Guinness World Record Certificate. Here is a brief intro on it:

Anyhow, there have been numerous videos of it running all over YouTube, from various Kawasaki Triples meets, but nothing recent.

In light of our upcoming classic show, in conjunction with the Borough of Broxbourne council, we got it running again (after 5 years), and filmed it for our internetters!

Please find the clip below;

Hertfordshire Superbikes Launches on-line TV channel on YouTube

Hi ladies and gents!

As per the title, we have launched Herts Superbikes TV, as part of our YouTube channel.

Basically, it is a series of videos, to show our customers and the public the day-to-day happenings at a busy motorcycle workshop.

You get to see behind-the-scenes action, as well as the laughs and banter that goes on! You’ll also pick up tips and advice along the way!

We haven’t got professional video equipment, not are we professional videographers (give us a Ducati and we can work wonders, however!).

Check out the channel below!




Yes! A CBX1000 Pro Link in at Hertfordshire Superbikes?! Yeah!

Here at Hertfordshire Superbike Centre, we have all sorts of machines enter our doors.

Lately, we’ve had a CBX1000 Prolink (see pic below for a minter!).


Our CBX1000 seemed to be in decent nick for its age (30 years or so! older than me!), but simply wouldn’t start. Checking the obvious, we found it to be a faulty starter motor, which was quickly diagnosed and the problem resolved!

P1090077 P1090078 P1090083 P1090084 P1090085

And this thing running.. Sounds SWEET! I think they made it to sound like a jet!

Spark plugs, is your spark, sparking?

Just a quick post this time, about spark plugs!

We had a customer come in describing his bike as running “lumpy”. and that it needs a service.

removed plugs to find…. this!

Needless to say, the spark plug needed changing.
Spark plugs usually don’t need changing for a while, just a good old clean, re-gap (using the correct tool! see below for picture), and pop ‘em back in.
If your bike does run “lumpy” or you are getting increased consumption, the spark plug should be a good place to start.
A spark plug is a good indication of how an engine runs – should be a nice tan-brown colour. That’s why engine tuners always put fresh plugs in after a tune-up, to see the results of their work. And that’s also why the first thing they check is the plugs.
This is the tool that you should use to gauge your plug. 
And here is a very common spark plug colour check sheet.

Ride safe guys and girls!

Poor starting Ducati 999

A customer brought in a well used 999 asking for just a belt change the other week. This is normally a bad sign for various reasons and the general condition of the bike including the european number plate indicated this was a very well used machine.

The belts were duly changed and when the bike was picked up it was difficult to start. The battery was not tip top but it was clear the starter clutch was also slipping badly and we advised the customer this needed to be changed. Eventually the bike started and the customer left. A couple of days later ( a Sat ) he returned complaining that we must have put the belts on wrong as the bike was now impossible to start.
Of course the customer is always right so we picked the bike up and left our courtesy bike with him.

Back at the workshop the timing was checked and of course was spot on we pulled the starter clutch out and found….

Half way through the work the customer was asked to come in to inspect and we spent 1.5 hours explaining everything to him and he left happy. The bike is now reassembled and starting on the button !