BMW R65 brake problem / low compression @Hertfordshire Superbikes

A customers BMW came in with a poor running problem diagnosed as low compression by another garage. A good check over revealed compression well within spec but the valve clearances were out and the fuel pipes were partially blocked. A good tune up and the bike was running fine but the owner needed a MoT which it did not pass the next 2 pictures will explain why it failed on binding brakes

Nothing a bit of time elbow grease and new seals wont cure but as I have mentioned before brakes need maintenance before they fail ( the rear brake was so bad it would have overheated ). If you had taken your bike in for a service and they had suggested a brake rebuild you may have thought they were overcharging you or trying to but if you were stuck in the alps with seized brakes and a massive repair bill you may see the matter from the other side of the fence or is that brake line.
PS this was one of the caliper mounting bolts !

2 thoughts on “BMW R65 brake problem / low compression @Hertfordshire Superbikes

  1. R65 leaks diff oil into brake cam shaft which then flows onto brake shoes, no retardation.Is the cam tube snitered bronze? as how does the diff oil get into this tube ?
    The major seal on the output flange is dry but the oil getting onto the soes must be coming from either inside this tube or on the out side .
    Any clues would be a help.
    John U

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