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Yes! A CBX1000 Pro Link in at Hertfordshire Superbikes?! Yeah!

Here at Hertfordshire Superbike Centre, we have all sorts of machines enter our doors.

Lately, we’ve had a CBX1000 Prolink (see pic below for a minter!).


Our CBX1000 seemed to be in decent nick for its age (30 years or so! older than me!), but simply wouldn’t start. Checking the obvious, we found it to be a faulty starter motor, which was quickly diagnosed and the problem resolved!

P1090077 P1090078 P1090083 P1090084 P1090085

And this thing running.. Sounds SWEET! I think they made it to sound like a jet!

1920s 2 stroke

Just a taster of what were going todownload on u tube . This baby sounds like a 4 stroke but is a 2 stroke from a time before our fathers were born.
Theres something so unique with age and when it comes to motorbikes just look at the guy ( Juan my mechanic on the bike ) You can see the the grin on his face this bike only knocks out 7.5 hp but its all fun and thrill from the 20′s . You might get this on a new R1 ( near enough the same price ) but that will soon fade. Come and see this bike at my shop. Hertfordshiresuperbikes.com . We Love Bikes !