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Photoshoot/Prop hire

Being Hertfordshire Superbike Centre, specialising in custom one-off builds, we have some very unique machines in our workshop. They are now available for the world to make use of; we now offer a film hire/prop service, in which you can rent our machines for your own photo shoots, or as part of your films/video production.

This is not just limited to the motorcycles we have here; our workshop, van or even one of the two larger engines (we have a helicopter and a jet engine in the premises!) can be yours for a day or so!
Below are some examples of what we have to offer for rental purposes - Note: Most of the motorcycles are to be used as static props only, meaning that they cannot be started or ridden, unless explicitly stated.
If you are interested in any of the below motorcycles, please do get in touch with us. We also have a constantly changing stock of motorcycles for sale, any of which can also be hired for prop use. Click here to see our sale bikes.
If you can not find what you are after, or need inspiration, please still do get in touch, as we may have something to offer, or know somebody who has.
  • Ducati 1198s

    Our one-off showbike, click here for more info.
  • 70's Retro - Kawasaki H2 Gold

    One of a kind, fully restored classic - circa 1972.
  • DKW Racing Motorcycle pre-1930 rep

    As featured on YouTube and BikeExif! It's now ours, and available for you to hire!
  • Triumph Coventry SD 1920's

    Complete with the war-period gun holster!
  • Triumph Coventry SD 1920's

    In original condition!
  • 80's Retro - Fantic GT Four

    Stunning showroom condition, ideal prop for any 80's theme!
  • 1972 - Fantic Caballero

    A trial bike, probably the first breed of off-roaders! 
  • The 48

    Award-winning, record-holding exhibit, read more here
  • The 9

    9 cylinder engine motorcycle! The (almost) impossible, but made possible!
  • The 7

    Another feat of engineering! Crank so wide, you may ground it on corners.
  • 70's Retro - Ducati Brisk 48cc Moped

    Rustic looking moped - perfect for snazzy urban chic shoots!
  • Kawasaki S2A 350 Triple

    A true classic in such good condition, you would have thought you're in the 70's!
  • Kawasaki H1 Mach III

    Another classic Kawasaki - it was the dream bike for many in the early 1970's.
  • Kawasaki H2R Race Replica

    A race rep, hand-built, to match the racing version of the true speed-machine of it's time!
  • Ducati Cafe Racer

    A classic Ducati converted to a racer - it's not a modern conversion. It's what the modern conversions look to for insipration. We have seen racing history as well as race pictures for this bike.
  • Aprilia RS250

    One of the very few true old school GP bikes left (only approx 28 left on UK roads). It was an absolute winner on the racetrack - 138mph from a 250cc bike! Discontinued in 2004, this one has under 10 (or so) miles on the clock!
  • BSA C11G

    A nice classic, ideal for vintage themed shoots.
  • Triumph Bonneville 750 (T140) - circa 1970's

    Named after the Bonneville Salt Flats, where they still do speed runs, this is a true classic, with it's chrome polished tank!
  • Paco custom chopper/cruiser

    A true American cruiser, Easy Rider style! A genuine Paco frame, with a Harley Davidson aircooled engine! Sure to turn heads wherever it goes, with it's rebellious charm.
  • Talbot/Ducati Cucciolo- the prehistoric Ducati

    A British cycle, with a Ducati engine (Ducati started off by making bolt-on engines for push-bikes!).
  • 70's Retro - Mobylette

    As featured in MIA - Bring the noize.
  • Honda CBF125

    The average modern 125cc road bike. We have two available, one in white and the other in red.
  • Douglas T35

    Another very rare classic. Ideal for a retro or vintage prop, with is old-school colour.
  • Honda CR500

    One of the most formiddable off-road or motocross motorcycles ever built! Our one has undergone a full rebuild, and is available for hire.
  • Hertfordshire Superbikes' Van

    Our very own "Batmobile", ready for action.
  • Our workshop/premises

    From films to music videos - you can hire a fully functioning motorcycle workshop, along with background props, technicians, mechanics and even admin staff.
  • Our Staff

    Along with our bikes, vehicles, and premises, you can also hire our staff as extras.