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Aprilia RSV4 Factory

Arpilia's first ever 4 cylinder engine, a 65° 999.6cc, V4 powerplant, in the middle of such a small and nimble chassis. It's got the heart of a beast, in the body of a princess. It is the size of most 600cc machines, and leaves almost every rider astonished by the amount of power in a small frame!
The stunning factory red and black paintwork is complemented by the one-off custom painted wheel rims.


  • Headlight Protectors

    The tinted headlight covers look so sleek and blend in so well with the bike's colour scheme, it looks lilke they were already there when the bike left the factory - of course, these are removable for night-time riding!
  • One off painted wheels

    The same quality workmanship that was put into painting our 1198s, was put into the wheels on this RSV4. The wheels were painted, with an elegant design, that fits the factory paintwork.
  • Home sweet home

    Our lead mechanic is from Zimbabwe, as is the person this bike was designed and created for. The Zimbabwean flag, as well as the outline of the country has been airbrushed onto the tailpiece - again, looking like it came out of the factory with it!
  • Carbon Fibre

    The front mudguard, side panels and the rear hugger are all genuine carbon fibre, saving some weight. The exhaust is also a carbon fibre unit, making it lighter - and in turn, the bike faster. The frame also has a carbon fibre sheet on it, to match the carbon on the other parts.
  • Accessories

    This bike, like our Ducati 1198s, uses quality Rizoma parts. The rear end has been completely transformed, and looks a lot neater, using the Rizoma tail tidy, on which the Rizoma Zero 11 indicators are a perfect fit.
  • Performance


    The RSV4 Factory, is a fast bike. The addition of a Power Commander 5, and a fuel module which allows the quickshifter to function, makes it even faster! The quickshifter allows the rider the change gears, without even closing the throttle, ensuring not even a split second is lost during the time it takes to close the throttle, clutch-in and change gears. It allows fully clutchless gear changes, making it a breeze to out-accelerate larger, lighter motorcycles.
  • Handling

    The bike sits on a pair of Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres, ensuring it sticks, in the wet and the dry. These, coupled with the rebuilt Öhlins suspesion, front and back keeps the rider planted, and the EBC pads, sat in the rebuilt Brembo calipers ensures the bike handles. If that is not enough handling upgrades, the SS braided hoses and the Öhlins steering damper should get you going!
  • Carbon fibre end-can

    The distinct sound of the V4 engine is made clear, and can be heard in its full glory, thanks to the carbon fibre end can made by Akrapovic. Not only does it match all the carbon fibre parts on the bike and the colour, it also allows the engine's melodious beat to be heard.