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Specialist services..

Aside from keeping you motorcycle maintained, we also have various other services.
We can carry out all kinds of machining & refurbishment work.

  • Machining

    We have a lathe, on which we can turn metal - ideal to make bushes and spacers, and all those other fiddly bits that nobody stocks (because the bike's too old or too rare - or even becuase you have (or had it) modified.
  • TIG Welding

    The must have tool for all fabricators, the skill of welding. Anybody can buy a welder, but not everybody has the skill of welding. We can weld, so if, for example, you happen to have a broken side-stand, but dont want to pay the extortionate prices for a new one, you could have the old one welded! And the welding service is not just limited to motorcycle related items!
  • Soldering

    Don't trust the electrical connections carried out by the back-street "workshop" who fitted your heated grips? Or maybe you just want to strengthen the factory connections, or if you have adapted your motorcycle and need longer wiring - new handlebars, for example). We can offer a solution; we can solder, leaving a professional job, with no unwanted cross connections, using good quality heat-shrink.
  • Fork Rebuilding

    Need oil seals changed, but competent enough to remove the forks? Feel free to bring down your forks, or your whole bike - I've seen many bikes dropped due to inadquate stands, or wrong use of the stand (bring the whole bike to be safe!). We offer a complete fork rebuilding service, in which we can change the oil, and all seals, as well as bead-blast and paint (if needed!) the fork bottoms. Again, using incorrect tools, or procedure, could bugger the brand new seals you are trying to insert - it's best left to those with experience and the right tools.
  • Bead Blasting

    Bead blasting is a very fine process. Little beads of glass are shot out, using compressed air, in a well-illuminated, secure chamber. These little beads are finer than the rougher grit you would find used on sand blasting and shot blasting. The picture clearly shows the difference! Ideal if you have your bike apart, and you would like a piece or two bead blasted. We can get crank cases, brake discs, sprockets, pretty much anything under a foot squared in dimensions into our bead blaster. Can go hand-in-hand with our fork rebuilding service! Or if your motorcycle is in for a service, we can beadblast various parts for you whilst the bike's here. Please ask for more info.
  • Thread Repair

    Damaged thread in a component? We can help. We can repair threads, both male and female, and can thread componenets too! We also fit thread inserts, commonly sold under and known as various names, such as Helicoil, or Armacoil.
  • Stud Removal

    Siezed fastener? We know all about that! Having scraped many knuckles and injured many hands, and after many succesful years of removing siezed fasteners on motorcycles, there are certain tricks we have come to know throughout the years. We're so confident we can remove it, that we can happily not charge you, if we can't manage to remove it! Motorcycles are exposed to the elements, and rusted and siezed fittings can be a nuisance. Why not have them replaced with stainless steel or copper ones, whilst you're there?
  • Bearing Removal

    Using our press, we can remove and install bearings. Bearings, as you may or may not know, can be VERY snug, as they would have been fitted so as they never come out. Bearing removal is a breeze with the right tools! Hammering bearings is also likely to damage the bearing - if not, it will damage what the bearing fits into!
  • Rear Shock Spring changing

    We also have a spring compressor, so as we can defy the laws of physics, and change springs on your rear shock without the danger of it injuring anybody!