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Ducati Streetfighter

A brief history..

The "Streetfighter" can be called the modern Cafe Racer - built by motorcycle fanatics, with the performance of a top spots bike, but the looks of a naked bike.
In the late 70's and early 80's, streetfighters were becoming more common, probbaly due to the expense in replacing or repairing expensive fairing panels.
Typically, streetfighters have large engines, similar to those found in sportsbikes. Due to the rise in the streetfighter subculture, manufacturers started offering naked machines, with (sometimes) detuned sportsbike engines. Ducatis response to this, was the appropriately named, Ducati Streetfighter. With the same engine and mechanicals as the 1098, the Ducati Streetfighter has the looks of a naked minimalistic machine, with the go of a top end supersports track-oriented sportsbike.

  • Streetfighters are heavily modified machines; Owners are forever tinkering with thier streetfighters, fitting high performance parts. Ducati saw the opportunity, and unleashed the Ducati Streetfighter. Of course, over at Hertfordshire Superbike Centre, we were not content with the performance, so we decided to further give it our personal touch!
  • Performance

    • Power Commander V
    • Auto Tune module for PCV
    • Akrapovic carbon fibre exhaust
  • Aesthetics

    • Rizoma Accessories
    • See through clutch cover
    • See through cambelt covers