Hertfordshire Superbikes Track Day Club Come On Track Days With Us

This is a picture of myself at Mallory Park.

My early days on a motorcycle were restricted to a mobylette and eventually a Ram Air Suzuki GT 250 but my interest in the Kawasaki Triples soon took over and in the early 80′s I started collecting them.
In the late 80′s Rick Brett so ran the Kawasaki Triples Club persuaded me to go to Mallory Park and I took about the fastest bike I had pictured above. When I sy fast you may snigger but the 350 S2A was a very nippy bike. Simply snick it into first gear let the clutch out and open the throttle , when it hit the power band the front wheel would lift. It would also do this in second. It also had a top speed of over 100mph.

Of course it all ended in tears with a slow speed off at the hairpin but with no major damage. I did however very much enjoy the whole thing and being pointed out in performance bikes magazine who were there as lapping much newer and faster bikes was a bit of a treat .

Some 10 years later another very good friend of mine persuaded me to buy a nice Ducati 916 off him and come and do some rack days in the UK and abroad.

tThis is us at Jerez having one of the most fun times of my life and I kid you not at the time I thought it was better than sex !
The fact was however that had my friends not pushed and helped me into doing track days I would have missed out on one of the most exciting things I have ever done in my life ( and I’ve done a few ) including sky diving
Having started Hertfordshire Superbike Centre some 7 years ago I have found myself somewhat short of time to go on track days but a few months ago I was exhibiting at the Ace Cafe ( as you do ) and a young guy was talking to me about his 848 which he used for track days. He was also a painter which I happened to need for my new paint shop. terry is now working part time at the shop and is booked on a number of track days in the UK. He has spoken to a number of customers all of whom are keen to try out a track days.
His idea is to get  5 to 10 riders and they will all go as a group to the track . We will also send our van and all the usual bits you may need for a track day ( compressor , oil ,coolant, tools etc ). Prior to going to the track you can also bring your bike in for a check up and to have your suspension set up ( very very important ). If you have any problems at the track ( loose nuts and bolts is a common one ) we can help you out and if you have any problems with your bike we can get it home in the back of the van.
We also want to progress into block booking days so we can pass on discounts.
Our main web site wil shortly be updated to detail all of this but please visit us or give us a call on 01707663344 for more information.
Thanks Simon

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