Been a while since we have posted, but all in good reason. As the summer picks up, the workshop gets busy. We’ve appointed a new general manager, and also opened a suspension room, as well as a paintshop.

Nevertheless, with the date of our next show, the Hoddesdon Classic Show, http://hertfordshiresuperbikes.com/classicshow/ and https://www.facebook.com/events/660508590673301/ getting nearer, we decided to take the 48 out of retirement and get it running again.

You may have seen our 48 at shows, during the eBay stunt where it was up for sale; MCN reported it too!), after it went viral when it was displayed for the McLaren Employee 2013 show or simply at the workshop proudly sat next to the Guinness World Record Certificate. Here is a brief intro on it: http://hertfordshiresuperbikes.com/48cyl.shtml

Anyhow, there have been numerous videos of it running all over YouTube, from various Kawasaki Triples meets, but nothing recent.

In light of our upcoming classic show, in conjunction with the Borough of Broxbourne council, we got it running again (after 5 years), and filmed it for our internetters!

Please find the clip below;

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