Scottoiler, or Nottiler – Love it or Hate it.

Ahhh, finally got around to fitting my Scottoiler earlier on this week.

I swear by these little useful devices and have had one on every bike I’ve owned (except the MT-03 as it was used primarily for in-town journeys and in those days I had spare time on my hands to clean and lube chain).

I’m sure I had two Scottoiler units in the shed somewhere, along with a plethora of parts, tubes and accessories, so when I got my current bike, I set out to look for them so as I can build up a little kit and fit it…. Then life took over and I didn’t get around to it.

I do maintain my bike (but don’t really clean or wash it), but as of late I’ve been so busy with everything (especially starting my own web-design company!). The bike had a 14 year old chain (I purchased a v.low mileage stunner!), so I guess it was pretty old but not used. Eventually the chain wore out with a bad tight spot too, and as you (should!) do, I replaced both sprockets and the chain – thinking to myself, wasn’t I supposed to fit a scottoiler to it a few months ago?!

Again, resumed the search for my Scottoilers and dug various bits out, and ordered some replacements parts and fittings, and it’s going well so far. Nothing’s fallen off, and no leaks.

Speaking to many technicians and people in the motorcycle trade, I hear lots of mixed opinions on Scottoilers;

  • I work with the old fashioned way, get the bike on a centre stand or paddock stand and clean, wipe and lube
  • I got one on my bike (previous owner, or dealer fitted it), it’s empty, I never bother
  • I can’t be bothered with the tubes or extra stuff on my bike
  • It’s too expensive to refill
  • I use one on my bike and ABSOLUTELY love it, and recommend it to my customers too
  • What’s a Scottoiler?
  • and you get the idea.


Some people love them, some hate them. Most complaints are about them leaking or not fitting properly. I’ve had a few bikes, and on every one of them (except one!), I installed a scottoiler and it has never unexpectedly leaked or fallen off!

I find the solution quite simple – the instructions are written by a team of experts who know the product well (and probably even designed the product!) and therefore the instructions are a valuable resource! It’s simply not fair to loathe a product based on personal experience, after not fitting or using it in accordance to the instructions! Read the instructions. (Rant over).

There is a dial on the top section of the unit to adjust flow, and depending in various things you should aim to drip 1-2 times per minute. Engine stops, so does the vacuum, and oil flow should stop too. Unit should be fitted closer to vertical. You need a good vacuum connection with no leaks etc. (unless you an a Scottoiler e-System!).

I’m not going to describe how to fit it etc., as all bikes are different, but it was a simple half an hour affair on my FZS600. The instructions are clear, and there was also detailed instructions on-line (I’m sure they’re still on the Scottoiler website).

If you still have problems it is either a faulty unit, incorrectly adjusted, or incorrectly fitted.

And based on my maths, its actually cheaper to buy and fit (or get fitted) a scottoiler kit, and the refill, over the long term.

Overall, it is a quality bit of kit, never let me down, and always kept my chain and sprockets clean and lubed up.

My personal bit of advice, if you do get one, is to get it fitted by a pro, read instructions, and set up the flow/drip rate. Also, invest in the additional Dual Injector, it really does make a difference. And never ever use any other liquid other than scottoil in it.

I am happy to answer your Scottoiler questions, please do leave a comment and I will get back to you. I am nowhere near as competent with these things as the manufacturers, do their support desk/tech team will be able to help a great deal more than I can, but please do feel free to comment.


I do not work for Scottoiler, and am not a salesman, but I do feel it is a very under-rated product that facilitates my life a lot, and is really turned down by a lot of people, due to problems they have with them – hence this blog post.

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2 thoughts on “Scottoiler, or Nottiler – Love it or Hate it.

  1. Just bought a triumph 1050 tiger. scotoiler already fitted. never had one before so what setting should i put it on. i do ride all year round apart from frost and snow.

    1. Hi Mark,
      If you are getting flow at the bottom end (leave bike running and take a look), it’s set up correctly and working. All you need to do is adjust flow. Turn it all the way down, and slowly turn it up until you achieve 1 or 2 drops per minute. Remember that the oil’s viscosity changes with heat (as with almost every oil) so you will need to redo this procedure when summer gets by (or when you notice too much or too little oil). :)

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